Who we are

Matching the Finest Industry Innovators with World Leading Researchers

The “rules” as to where partnerships are formed and how innovation flourishes are changing faster than ever. Academic Medical Centers depend on Industry partnerships to amplify their global impact. SM-IR is part of the solution to understanding strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in potential partnerships. Enhancing strong lines of communication among the relevant parties and establishing and achieving common goals swiftly and effectively is our strength.

“Collaborating across disciplines is in our DNA and will be more important than ever as we take on health care’s most complex and intractable challenges”

Priya Singh

Chief Strategy Officer, Stanford Medicine

David Entwistle
President and CEO, Stanford Health Care

“As more health services are offered digitally, patients will no longer distinguish between the care experience they receive in-person and online. Partnerships with technology companies and innovators represent an important way that Stanford Medicine is preparing for this future. By bringing the best minds together, we are redefining health care for our patients, offering them a seamless experience that thoughtfully brings the virtual and physical worlds together to better anticipate their needs.”

Lloyd Minor, M.D.
Dean, Stanford University School of Medicine

“Stanford Medicine and industry, we have a unique opportunity to deepen our understanding of human health, accelerate the translation of discoveries into new therapies and diagnostics, and bring Precision Health to the world. Our Industry Relations team plays a vital role in initiating and fostering cross-sector collaborations to realize these opportunities, bringing us closer to a future where we can predict and prevent disease before it strikes and cure it precisely if it does.”

Priya Singh
Chief Strategy Officer, Stanford Medicine

“Stanford Medicine has a long history of pioneering medical innovations that transform how health care is practiced. By strategically partnering with industry, we can bring greater reach and scale to our groundbreaking work, ensuring that the discoveries we make today are readily used everywhere tomorrow. Collaborating across disciplines is in our DNA and will be more important than ever as we take on health care’s most complex and intractable challenges.”

Michael Halaas
Associate Dean and Chief Operating Officer, School of Medicine

“For the last 125 years, Stanford and Silicon Valley have shared a special relationship—one that has produced an environment for innovation and entrepreneurism unlike anywhere else in the world. From the founding of Hewlett-Packard in 1939, spun out of a Palo Alto garage by two Stanford graduates, to the contemporary collaborations we see today in digital health, our intertwined history demonstrates what can be accomplished by working together. Looking ahead, we see a major opportunity to advance human health by combining Stanford Medicine’s interdisciplinary approach to problem-solving and world-renowned research with the commercial expertise of industry.”

Our team

SM-IR is a diverse team comprised of medical, technical, research, academic, and industry experts uniquely poised to help collaborative research with industry happen faster and easier for all involved.

Picture of Reed Sprague

Reed Sprague

Executive Director, Industry Relations

Picture of Amanda Goltz

Amanda Goltz

Director of Industry Partnerships

Picture of Asiya Amani

Asiya Amani

DEI Coordinator

Picture of Austin Aker

Austin Aker

Senior Relationship Manager

Picture of Beki Cocquyt

Beki Cocquyt

Healthcare Industry Analyst

Picture of Danielle Kuryshev

Danielle Kuryshev

Project Manager

Picture of John Lugo

John Lugo

Relationship Manager

Picture of Julie Romero

Julie Romero

Project Manager

Picture of Mariko Kelly

Mariko Kelly

Project Manager

Picture of Nicole Kay

Nicole Kay

Administrative and Events Coordinator

Picture of Nour Malek

Nour Malek

Relationship Manager

Picture of Zuzanna Zapiórkowska

Zuzanna Zapiórkowska

Project Manager