Some innovative research requires collaboration with Industry. SM-IR can help you get there faster.

The SM-IR team stands ready to assist faculty develop productive agreements with Industry partners. The team has knowledge of existing relationships with various organizations as well as strong relationships within the Stanford community to both swiftly and effectively accomplish agreements that meets everyone’s needs.

Concierge Service

The SM-IR team provides concierge services for a limited number of high risk, high profile, high strategic value projects. Characteristics of such projects include:

  • Large scale and dollar impact
  • Sponsor is Fortune 500 or high profile
  • Potential for High Impact on Health System
  • High on Innovation
  • Partnership is unusual or has novel components
  • Significant Impact on Reputation
  • Potentially High Risk
  • Has High Level Internal Endorsement

DIY Service

Some research projects with industry are standard research projects without the external pressures of high visibility, novel approaches, or high risk. Perhaps you have a long history of initiating industry collaborations on your own. There are a lot of reasons why you may want to manage your projects solo. SM-IR can help speed your DIY projects and reduce your burden by:

  • Providing links to all the relevant compliance offices
  • Providing step-by-step guides
  • Keeping you abreast of changes in laws and compliance
  • Offering drop in office hours to provide free consultation on hurdles you encounter

We Speak Industry

If you have a great idea and are searching for the right partner or if you have a partner that can’t commit, SM-IR might be able to help. We match faculty to innovate companies looking to work with Stanford. Some ways we’ve helped faculty include:

  • Facilitate meet and greet to find mutual interests
  • Create the right interest to bring decision makers to the table
  • Leverage our existing network to provide multi-vector approach to deal making
  • Leverage our discovery process to uncover the partner’s wants and needs